A Comprehensive Guide On How To Make Beats

edm raveDo you know how to make beats? Are you worried it will be either insanely time consuming, or incredibly expensive to produce beats? Well, fear not! There are a plethora of guides out there that intend to set you on the route to delightful artistic expression.

However, all those billions of posts are just variations on the similar themes- you need to purchase this and that and earn technical expertise in x and y. The inevitable consistency and visibility of these strategies create a perception that they are the only way of actually getting into music. And that is why, soft-skinned amateurs and newcomers end up on these same routes using similar tools. However, you are in luck- in this guide you will understand what you actually require to get going, and also how to do so.

Here is the process on how to make beats:

1. Computers: This is a must have hardware if you wish to make your own electronic beats. You also have a choice- Mac or PC. Both these systems are intensively used in several home and professional studios. Just pick the one you are comfortable and familiar with. You can create wonderful beats with both the platforms, and almost all the music making software’s are easily available for both. However, a lot of music software can eat up all your computer’s resources and are also labour intensive, so you must make sure you have some good memory and hard drive capacity. You will require at least 4GB of RAM as well as a back up hard drive.

2. Digital Audio Workstation: DAW is basically a software platform that allows you to record, playback, edit, and create music/audio on a computer. The big thing with this software is identifying an application that works in the way you want to work. The heart of this system is your computer, so you need to find a DAW software application that is amazingly powerful. If you own a MAC, you can opt for Garageband. If you have a PC, you must have Frooty Loops pre-installed.

3. Studio Monitor Speaker: This is specifically designed for audio production, and it gives an accurate production of the tonal qualities of your source audio. It will help you to create beats, where every sound is in good balance. This in turn will increase the probability that your beats sound good in different sound systems such as, portable mp3 players, stereos, etc. In other words, it tells you the truth what is actually going on in your music in terms of frequencies.

The best thing about today’s technology is that you do not have to spend crazy amounts of time and money on upgrading your PC and purchasing additional equipment to produce good quality beats. The immense revolution in easily accessible video, media and music production tools, and beat making software over the past decade has made it possible for everyone with a basic computer to get started easily and promptly. So now that you know how to make beats, simply follow this guideline and hit it straight!

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